Description Duration Full Fee Rebate Out-of-pocket
Short Consultation Under 5 minutes $45.00 $17.75 $27.25
Standard Consultation  5 to 20 minutes $75.00 $38.75 $36.25
Long Consultation 20 to 40 minutes $105.00 $75.05 $29.95
Prolonged Consultation Over 40 minutes $135.00 $110.50 $24.50

Please Note:

* All doctors’ fee schedules are displayed at reception.
* Payment on the day of consultation is required.
* If you are experiencing difficulty with payment, please discuss the matter with your doctor.
* Bulkbilling is only applicable to children under 16, DVA Card holders, and Pension Card holders aged 65 or over.
* Health Care Card holders will NOT be bulk-billed.
* There will be a charge for non-attendance of consultations.

Lesion Removals

Lesion removals incur an out-of-pocket expense for all patients as follows:

  • Simple biopsy
  • - $50.00
  • Lesion removal/complex procedure
  • - $100.00

Skin Checks

We are able to conduct comprehensive skin checks utilising our DermDoc ® computerised mole-mapping system. Please inform our reception staff in advance, as a long consultation may be required.

  • Fee payable on the day: $160.50, Medicare rebate is $110.50, Total out of pocket cost - $50.00

Medicare Rebate

If you have registered your banking details with Medicare, our staff will send your account electronically to Medicare to deposit your rebate after payment into your bank within 48 hours.

You need to register your banking details with Medicare independently to enable us to do this.